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Cobblestone's O Brother - Coursing Ability Title
Australian Shepherd, Chucki Gatz-Owner/Handler
Cobblestone's O Brother New ACK CD Title
Australian Shepherd, Chucki Gatz/Owner Handler
Cobblestone's EZ as 1,2,3 "EZ"
Kenora District Dog Show, 4 - 1st places from Open B, 4 High in Trials
June 17th, 18th and 19th
Top Obedience Dog 2010 Dogs in Canada Award - 2nd place in total number of points won by An Australian Shepherd

New Canadian OTCH
Cobblestones EZ as 1, 2, 3
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
1st Place Utility
2 - 1st Place Open B
2 - High in Trials
High Overall Aggregate Score
2- High Combined / Open B and Utility B/Both Trials
High Scoring Aussie/Both Trials
Cobblestone's EZ
Congratulations! "Street"
#5 ASCA Utility Obedience Finals & #10 Open Obedience Finals
to be held in Waco, Texas
Most Versatile Aussie Competition
        3 People
        Best of Breed Obedience Finals - 2nd Place - High in trial
- High scoring Aussie
        1st 2nd Place
1st Place - 2008 Open
Obedience Finals - Las Vegas, Nevada
Most Versatile Aussie Qualifier
Owner/Handler Char Gatz
2nd Place - Las Vegas, Nevada
2008 Australia Shepherd Nationals
"Cobblestone's EZ as 1,2, 3. AKC, CKC, ASCA, CDX
Owner/Handler Gary Gatz
4th place Novice Finals
Obedience 2006 West Bend, WI
Most Versatile Aussie Qualifier
Owner/Handler Char Gatz
Street Street
Street herding Ducks Street hearding sheep